Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have won seven Peace Prize. Been know for saving people out of a burning building. I frequently swam across the Pacific ocean. I can do 500 push ups in 12.31 minutes. People have watch me when I ran across Canada and collect money for people that needs it most. Whenever I'm bored I go and help old people to walk across the street or help them with their grouches or help them to clean their house. however when i will be helping people then will stop and ask me "have you ever been to College?" It occurred to me that I never been to College. Please accept me to College please.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

   I believe that hockey fighting should not be allowed in the NHL.
Players in the NHL are getting hurt way to much more then before to the past years and also too many fights happened  in a game and that's when all the injury happens in the games.what happened to just watch a nice game with all the perry goals scoring by all the super starts, watching the big saves by the goalies when they have to make, and the best thing that is better then fighting in hockey is the shoot out that's when all the magic comes out. That's why we don't need fighting in the NHL we don't need see all the injury we just need to see the magic.

  I believe that hockey fighting should be allowed in the great game of the NHL.
Players in the NHL is all about the scoring, the great save, and the shoot out but what really makes a hockey game fun to watch and excited and how lens will the player make the crowed yelling, roaring the hole place jumping in excitement of the fight that's what a really hockey should be. That's how all the fans come and watch their team play they like to watch the big fight that's happens in the game.

January 19,2010

160 Waterford Ave
Penticton, British Columbia
Canada V2A 3T7

Mr. Kleats
Central High School
123 Main Street
Sportstown, British Columbia
V2A 1W3

Dear Mr. Kleats:

Hello Mr. Kleats my name is Jesse Raposo I have son that's plays on your hockey team this was a great year in the playoffs going all the way and winning the championship game but I have have just a few concern I would like to talk about the team.

I always take my son to the hockey games and practices have noticed that when you come late then the practices are delayed then that's when the players just stand around waiting for you to come maybe it would be easier to have and assent coach then be easier for you and the player.

My second concern is that their no need for profane language they are only 10 year old and then don't need to learn of any profane language. The yelling is good for the players but you tend to yell to much and I think that's not very good for the kids and they tend to not have fun that much but the number one thing about hockey is having fun.

My third concern is that you always think about winning and winning but is good winning you take it to much and then the kids feel scared when they lose because you really mad its good to lose because then you get to learn form your mistakes form that game work on it. Thank you for taking the time read my letter hope you have a good off season see you next year.

Jesse Raposo

Thursday, January 14, 2010

How would you go and raise you children and would you give your child lots of work to do around the house or would give them less work to do around and work your way up. In the story "The Most Powerful Question a Parent Can Ask", by Nail Miller and the other story Be-er and Doesr", by Budge Wilson. They both talk about how to respect your children and how you can give your children work around the house they cam be more responsibly how they love their children's.

In the story "the Most Powerful Question a Parent Can Ask" is about a woman asking the parents how they want to raise their kids. Would you let your son or daughter be watching TV for 30hrs of the day or let them go on the computer for the whole day. Their is woman saying that she will doing everything like cleaning up after him, making his lunch, making him dinner, placing his close on the bed for him to wear the next "[because] if I don't, he'll forget". This how you want to raise for children or wold you give them a little bit resupplied and work your up for them to more muncher when they get older.

In this short story "Be-er and Doesr" they create a character (mother) who has a different way to raise her children. She wants her children's to be outgoing just like her "all the time she [always] talking, be knitting like a storm, or mixing dough, pushing a mop---hands forever and ever on the move". The father is different then the mother, father took his time and when he works he stop and takes in the inner beauty of the world. The mother doesn't want her son to be like father she wants her son to be more like her but her son is being like the father taking his time being slow. One day when the family together and a fire stated her son took action and the stopped the fire to be wherest and that when his mother was proud of him because of the heroic of a son she has.

both of these story's show how well you want to rise your child if you don't then your child wont learn how do thing by him self in life. just give then a little bit of things to done when they are young and longer in life they will do well in life

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dave cooks the turkey

The short story "Dave cooks the Turkey" by Stuart McLean that shows lots of good humor in his short story and there will be three good example that will showing. He use stupid humor when he forgot to buy the turkey and he go's out to buy one at 2:00am he found a turkey and bring it home and he try's to "defrosted with a electric blanket, and hair dryer on the turkey, and a bottle of scotch on himself". His wife tells him to put in the oven at 1:30. When the time as been past its "2:30pm and he topped up his Scotch and he phones the plaza hotel" and ask "do you cook... specials turkey?". The hotel that they did and Dave said he will be their in a few maintains when Dave Arvie to the hotel when to the desk and he told the man that he wanted his turkey to be cooked and not no ether one to be when Dave turned around he saw his friend in the hotel with his mother that was visiting them for Christmas Dave was trying to get away but his friend saw him and had a conversion with him when he left Dave went to a room and waited for his turkey to be done and he was waiting he was thinking how men should not cook a turkey or do anything around the kitchen when it's Christmas. A few hours went by and his turkey was done he looked at it and Dave grabbed the turkey tray and ran off with it and also payed them went outside to look for a taxi so he can go home before when is wife comes home before Dave. Dave got home put the turkey in the oven and ran around the house spreading gravy ever were in the house once he was done his wife came with his children and Dave wife boded into his Friend that was in hotel in front of their house he came in and sat down in the leaving room then some gravy dropped on his head and then he looked at Dave.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Role models infuses our lives in different ways and also role models infuses many people in different ways too look up to them. Theirs many examples for these but their will be just three examples and they will be talking about and they are Rick Rypien, My friends, and Brother/ Sister. All these role models are perfect examples.

The first role model is Rick Rypien he is a good guy he is the hockey fighter in the NHL the way that he got to the NHL is by hard work and never give up on what dream on doing what you want do in life. Never care what people think about what you want to do and never give up on what you are doing this is great role model for those people who don't give up and work hard.

The second role model is are my friends you need friends to be in your life because those are the major people that influence are live having good times with friends playing hockey, hanging out, helping them with there probables, or just having fun be just doing nothing all day. this is the best role model that anyone can have in their lives.

The last and fail role model i have to say is your brother/ sister these people are your family and when you are you look up to them what they do and what they say the best thing about these role models  are that they love you and they always want to make you happy. That's the best won to look up too in your life.

Monday, December 14, 2009

It was a Tuesday after noon I was sitting in a coufy chair and I was looking out of the the window it was very cloudy and raining and were I was sitting was in the hospital room right be side my grandma that was sleeping after her surgery I was think about how I could been their for her. I came to visit her every day I would bring her food, clean closes to wear I would brings games to play. The days will go by she would be getting worse then better I was feeling bad because it felt that I could of done something then we wouldn't been in this place. I would sit right beside her I would think about how living and caring she was and she would be sitting at home in her favorite chair looking outside with the biggest smile on her face and also looking at the cars when they past by drinking her wine. Willing I was thinking of this I realize that this could be the last time I get to see my grandma. As the days has been going by and time has been ticking down I started think how I'm going to live with this that my grandma not being not seeing her smile or sitting in her favorite chair looking out the window. When she did past away I felt that I had no meaning to do anything all I just wanted to do is just sleep and do nothing but I new that my grandma was gone but she will be with me for ever. Knowing some is gone you have to move on and live with your life and stop thinking about the past and start living and having fun with the present.